Now Is a Great Time to Sell

Most people think that it is better to sell your home in Vermont during the summer months when the temperatures are more inviting and the landscape is greener and full of floral colors.  While historically this may have been true, this winter's real estate market (like so many other things) is going to be quite different than it was in the [...]

The Left Most Digit Effect

Psychologists have confirmed what retailers and real estate agents have known for some time.  Buyers of everything from sweaters to gasoline to homes are susceptible to a phenomenon known as the Left Most Digit Effect. [...]

Should I Buy in 2020?

Many buyers in Vermont found 2019 to be a frustrating year.  The combination of low inventory and high demand meant buyers had a difficult time finding a new home.  This was particularly true in Chittenden County and even more so for buyers looking for homes between $250,000 and $350,000. [...]

The Customer Comes First

For decades the real estate industry was centered on the reputation of its agents.  Because personal networks were instrumental in helping sellers locate buyers, it was important to choose an agent that had a large personal network of [...]

Will My Agent Work for Less than 5%?

Chances are you probably know a real estate agent personally.  It is very likely that you even have a close personal friend or family member that is a real estate agent in Vermont.  Therefore, when you decide to sell your home you will likely call or text your friend or family member to assist [...]

Should I Sell My House in Vermont in 2020?

Thanks to our innovative approach to selling real estate, we provide home sellers in Vermont superior services at a fraction of the cost.

Flat Fee utilizes state of the art technology and better processes to provide sellers with an unparalleled selling experience.  First there is our full array of services:

In home evaluation and pricing [...]

Are Vermont house prices going up or down in 2020?

This is a very difficult question to answer.  Obviously if you are planning on selling your home in 2020 then you want the answer to be yes, home prices will continue rising.  On the other hand, if you are planning on buying in 2020 then you want the answer to be yes, home prices will be declining in 2020.  

Regardless of whether you are [...]

Should I Sell this Winter?

Most people we meet with automatically assume that Winter is not a good time to sell your home in Vermont.  This is not necessarily true.

While it is certainly the case that there are more buyers looking to buy in Vermont during the Spring and Summer, there are also many more homes for sale during the Spring and Summer months (i.e. much more [...]

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