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Should I Sell this Winter?

Most people we meet with automatically assume that Winter is not a good time to sell your home in Vermont.  This is not necessarily true.

While it is certainly the case that there are more buyers looking to buy in Vermont during the Spring and Summer, there are also many more homes for sale during the Spring and Summer months (i.e. much more competition).

In addition to fewer buyers, there are a couple other disadvantages of selling during the Winter.  Homes with mature landscaping certainly show better during the Spring and Summer when the landscaping is in full bloom.  Also, many families prefer not to move during the middle of a school year so there are fewer people looking for larger family homes during the winter.

On the flip side, there are advantages of selling during the Winter.  The biggest advantage is that there is less competition.  Buyers that are looking during the Winter tend to be more eager buyers than those looking during the Spring and Summer.  Many people who buy during the Winter in Vermont need to buy immediately so they often will pay a premium for a new listing that comes to the market in the Winter.  

If you are considering selling during the Winter in Vermont, you need to analyze whether you think that your home is one that will benefit from a larger buyer pool during the Spring and Summer or your home is unique enough that a "Winter Buyer" will pay a premium for it because there is a lack of similar houses for that buyer to choose from.  

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