Full Service for a Flat Fee!

The seller services we provide include all of the traditional agent services, including property visits, meetings, market analysis, an MLS listing, showings, negotiations, contract review, ongoing guidance, and closing coordination. This service is $3,500 and we only get paid if your house sells.

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Selling Your Home with Flat Fee Real Estate

Here’s a more detailed list of the services we provide to sellers. 

  • Meet you at your home to discuss the features of your home
  • Conduct a market analysis to help in pricing your home
  • Free professional photographer to take photos of your home
  • List your property in the MLS so that it is published on all of the high profile real estate websites, including Zillow
  • Boosted Facebook post of your listing
  • Provide an electronic lockbox and lawn sign
  • Dedicated scheduler to contact you for appointments and showings
  • Post showing feedback and consultation
  • Provide ongoing advice regarding market conditions and pricing
  • Assist in negotiating offers with buyers and their agents
  • Draft and review agreements, contracts, and amendments to contracts
  • Coordinate inspection, appraisal, and walkthrough
  • Coordinate and attend the closing

Why Sell with Flat Fee Real Estate

Unlike other firms, we do not charge you double if the buyer does not have an agent. If the buyer does not have an agent then the only fee is our Flat Fee of $3,500.

If the buyer has an agent, then your total fees will be $7,000 - $3,500 to Flat Fee and $3,500 to the buyer's agent. 

Flat Fee understands that it is YOUR HOME and YOUR MONEY. Our goal is to help you maximize the amount of money you put in your pocket. Check out how much more money you will put in YOUR POCKET with Flat Fee:

SALE PRICE: 175,000
Total Commission (Buyer w/o Agent): 3,500
Total Commission (Buyer w/ Agent): 7,000