About Flat Fee Real Estate

Flat Fee Real Estate is an independently owned brokerage company in Vermont.  We represent both vermont buyers and vermont sellers.  We provide all of the vermont real estate services other firms do but we simply charge less. 

Initially we charged all of our clients the same flat fee.  However, it became clear that every client deserved to save money so now we charge either a flat fee of $3,500 or 2% of the sales price, whichever is less. 

Buyers and sellers both save money with our model.  We also provide the most knowledgeable and superior service to compliment the savings that our clients receive.

We have grown by approximately 100% per year since our inception.  The number of Flat Fee agents has also grown by more than 100% and will likely to continue growing around Vermont as more and more people realize the advantages of Flat Fee.

Flat Fee's goal is to change the entire compensation structure for real estate agents in Vermont so that it reflects an equitable pay for the services rendered.

Need more information?   Please feel free to call us at (802) 318-0833 or email us at info@flatfeevt.com at anytime.