The Flat Fee Buyer Rebate

With our unique Flat Fee Buyer Rebate, Vermont buyers are able to put cash back in their pockets at closing.  To understand how this works check out this video and follow the money:

We provide all of the services that other buyer agents do in Vermont, but unlike other agents, we rebate a portion of every commission check we receive to our clients.  Just listen to how much money these buyers got back with their Flat Fee Buyer Rebate:

Here is an example:

You purchase a home for $275,000.   The seller gives us a commission check for $7,500 at the closing for being your agent.  We keep $3,500 and REBATE you $4,750. 

You end paying less for the home because part of the money you paid to the seller ends up back in your pocket.  

Sound too good to be true?  It's not.  Just check out these TESTIMONIALS.

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