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The Condo Team

Flat Fee's Condo Team is the most experienced in Vermont.  

Rob Foley - Prior to becoming a real estate broker, Rob practiced real estate law in Boston, Massachusetts and Burlington, Vermont.  During his time as a lawyer Rob represented both developers of condominiums as well condominium associations.  As a lawyer Rob represented many condominium buyers, sellers and lenders at real estate closings.   His background as a real estate lawyer handling condominium matters provides Rob with an insight that is unmatched for Vermont real estate agents.

Erin Dupuis - Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Erin represented condominiums and homeowner associations as a property manager.  At her peak, she managed more than 350 condo units.  Because of the knowledge she gained as a property manager, Erin has a better understanding of the the elements involved in buying or selling a condo that do not exist when buying a single family home.  Erin also has a unique understanding of the regulations and requirements affecting condo associations in Vermont and utilizes this knowledge to help her clients overcome the various hurdles of buying and selling a condo in Vermont.


To Contact the Condo Team call us at (802) 318-0833 or email us at info@flatfeevt.com.