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Investment Property Team

Flat Fee's Investment Property Team is the most experienced in Vermont.  

Rob Foley - In addition to being a real estate broker, Rob is also a landlord.   He owns more than 60 rental units and has over 170 current tenants.  Furthermore, prior to becoming a real estate broker, Rob practiced real estate law in Boston, Massachusetts and Burlington, Vermont.  During his time as a lawyer Rob represented landlords and investment property purchasers, sellers and lenders.  Rob has been at every seat at an investment property closing and utilizes his experience to help his buyer and seller clients.

Erin Dupuis - Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Erin was a property manager for more than 15 properties. In her role as manager, she was responsible for the leasing, maintenance and rent collection.  Because of the knowledge she gained as a property manager, Erin has a better understanding of the the elements involved in buying or selling investment property than almost any agent in the State of Vermont.  Erin also has a unique understanding of the regulations and requirements affecting investment properties in Vermont.