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Is My Home a "Good Investment"?

Many people look at their home as an "investment".  This is an interesting phenomenon given that people do not evaluate their investment in their home in the same way they value and analyze other investments.  

Most investments are made with the tastes and opinions of others in mind.  For instance, when you buy a stock or a piece of art you are conscious of how others value those things and what others may be willing to pay based upon their opinions and tastes. 

In contrast, most people view home improvements, paint choices and other interior design choices solely on the basis of their own tastes, opinions and values.  This is completely understandable and one of the big reasons a home should not be viewed as an investment.  

You should enjoy your home and be comfortable in your home.  Your home should reflect your personality.  If you want to view your home as an investment, then you would need to start making design choices based upon the opinions, tastes and personalities of others.  Living like that may be great from a financial standpoint but would be a terrible way to live in your home.  

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