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Open House or Empty House?

After decades of living in the shadows, the secret about open houses is finally coming to light.  Fewer and fewer agents are offering open houses because more and more agents are acknowledging the true purpose behind open houses.

The big secret is that open houses are not designed to help sellers.  They are designed to help real estate agents get more clients.  Rarely is the ultimate buyer of a home introduced to the home through an open house.  Buyers are not waiting around until Saturday or Sunday afternoon to see a home with other people wandering around the house.  Buyers want immediate and exclusive showings where they can see the home unencumbered by other people.  The only people that come through your home during an open house are neighbors and busy bodies who are not serious about buying. 

Don't waste your time fixing up your home for an open house only to help your agent get more business and new clients.  Instead leave your house empty and free of neighbors and tire kickers and have your agent focus their efforts on getting ready, willing and able buyers into your home. 

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