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Why So "Aggressive"?

Way too often these days I hear real estate agents tell prospective clients that their firm "aggressively markets" its listings.

Agents use the term "aggressive" when referring to their services because it is a buzz word. Agents want to invoke images in the prospective client's mind of a fast paced "wheeler and dealer" type that can get results fast.

The truth of the matter is that "aggressive marketing" of listings is an illusion. Every firm utilizes the same tools and has access to the same pool of buyers.

Every firm utilizes the MLS. The MLS then pushes the listings out to all of the local and national brokerage websites. Agents also have access to Craigslist and other message boards to post listings. Thus, all agents advertise their listings in the same places and in very similar ways.

In addition to having access to the same listing websites, firms have access to the same pool of buyers. No firm has a secret or exclusive pool of buyers. Most, if not all, buyers these days search for properties online themselves before ever contacting a real estate agent. Thus, every firm has access to the same pool of buyers.

The only reason agents and firms use the term "aggressive" is to create a perception of strength and power. Instead of creating perceptions based upon an illusion, agents should explain to potential sellers what the benefits of their services are and how they differ in substance from the services provided by other firms.

At Flat Fee, we do things differently. We don't use buzz words, we use honesty. We're here to help. See what our clients think of us. If you have any more questions about Flat Fee, visit us here orcontact us here.

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