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What's Behind the Numbers?

Many real estate agents throughout the Country tend to claim to be the #1 agent. Some claim to be the #1 agent in a State, County, City or even for sale of a particular type of property (such as condos or apartment buildings).

It is unclear to me what agents base these claims upon. I assume they base their claims upon data found in their local Multiple Listing System or MLS. If this is the case, then the numbers may actually be somewhat deceiving.

The MLS data does not necessarily represent the performance or statistics of an individual agent. For instance, if an agent has "team members" that work for them, then the team leader may be taking credit for sales actually procured initially by another agent. Also, in some firms around the Country, the owner of the firm will take credit for all of the transactions completed by the agents in the firm. Thus, while the agent may technically be "Number 1" in a particular area, there may be more to the story.

At Flat Fee Real Estate each agent is given credit for his or her own transactions. While our agents may never be able to market themselves as "Number 1", our clients will know that each agents statistics represent individual performance and not the statistics of a team or group of agents.

I encourage every buyer and seller to question agents on how they recognize individual performance in their firm. This may help buyers and sellers to have a better understanding of the marketing claims made by agents in their area.


Flat Fee doesn't go out-on-a-limb to make claims, we just give you the facts. To learn more about Flat Fee or to contact us, click here.