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Now that our model has taken hold and thrived in Chittenden County, Windsor County and surrounding communities, we are now looking for agents in other parts of Vermont, particularly Rutland, Brattleboro and Saint Johnsbury, to join Flat Fee Real Estate and spread our successful model statewide.

We know that agents may be skeptical but here is some proof that our model can work for even the newest of agents. 

Erin Dupuis is a Flat Fee Real Estate Agent in Chittenden County.  She obtained her real estate license 7 years ago.  In 2016 Erin assisted clients in the purchase and sales of more than $29 million of real estate and assisted more than 70 clients. 

While Erin is very bright and motivated, the opportunity for the success of our agents is created first by implementing our revolutionary model.  Our agents are able to create greater opportunities because they have a different message to deliver to prospective clients; a message that the market has been starving for. 

If you are interested in learning more about joining Flat Fee Real Estate, call us today at (802) 318-0833 or email info@flatfeevt.com.