Blog :: 12-2012

Thank You

With the end of the year quickly approaching we just wanted to take a moment to thank all of those who supported us in 2012. We would particularly like to thank our buyers and sellers who made 2012 our most successful year to date.

When we started 5 years ago, many doubted whether our innovative real estate model could survive in Vermont. Few thought we could withstand the predictable backlash from those who had traditionally charged more. Well not only did we survive, we have thrived.

So far in 2012 we have sold more than $35,000,000 worth of Vermont real estate. This ranks us #8 out of more than 400 active firms in Vermont.

We believe that our success is as much about our abilities as it is about Vermonters standing up for consumer choice. We hope that all of you will continue helping us spread our message of consumer choice and that we can continue saving Vermonters money by changing the way that real estate brokerage services are offered in Vermont.

Thank you again. Happy Holidays!

Agents Wanted - Rutland, Brattleboro and Saint Johnsbury

Now that our model has taken hold and thrived in Chittenden County, Windsor County and surrounding communities, we are now looking for agents in Rutland, Brattleboro and Saint Johnsbury to help expand our foothold in Vermont.

Flat Fee is looking for new agents all over the state. Check out all of our career opportunities here. Not finding what you're looking for? Contact us here.


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    Censorship - Realtors Association

    On September 30, 2011, after consulting with the National Association of Realtors, the Northwestern Vermont Board of Realtors demanded that Flat Fee Real Estate remove the following blog post:

    "The average Vermont family make $51,200 per year. What do you think real estate agents make?

    According to data from the MLS and based upon the traditional 6% commission model charged by other firms, the top 5 agents in Chittenden County so far this year (January to July 22nd) have made between $292,000 and $587,000. Thus, they are on pace to make between $600,000 and $1,000,000 this year alone.

    It is remarkable during the worst recession in history that real estate agents in a small community like Chittenden County can make in excess of $500,000 per year, much less $1,000,000 per year, and continue to get away with it.

    We believe the public should demand fairer compensation models from real estate agents. We believe that our flat fee model represents a fairer compensation model and keeps our compensation much more in line with average Vermont incomes.

    Thank you."