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      FlatFee RealEstate is headquartered in Burlington, Vermont along the shores of Lake Champlain. Its founder,Rob Foley, is also a resident of Burlington,Vermont. Rob and his wife also attended the University of Vermont inBurlington.


      First and most importantly, Burlington has an InternationalAirport. BurlingtonInternationalAiport is served by major airlines, including JetBlue, US Air and Delta.

      Second, Burlington has a prominent teaching hospital,Fletcher AllenHealthcare. Burlington is probably one of the only cities inAmerica with less than 50,000 residents that is served by such a high class medical facility.

      Third, Burlington is home to several educational institutions, including the University of Vermont and ChamplainCollege. Thanks to the stability of employment created by these institutions, Burlington's current unemployment rate is less than 1/2 the national average and lower than the average in the rest of Vermont.

      Fourth,for a small City, Burlington has the cultural resources of a larger city. Burlington was recently named one of 10 cities in America for "foodies" to visit. Burlington also has musical and theatrical venues such as the FlynnTheater and Higher Ground.

      Finally, because it is located on the shores of the 120 mile long Lake Champlain, the outdoor activities rival that of any City located along the eastern or western seaboard.


      In addition to having the amenities of larger cities, Burlington has attributes that make living inBurlington better than living in a major City.

      First, Burlington's real estate market is more stable than many large metro areas. The stability of its institutional employers, such as UVM, and its size help ensure that Burlington real estate will not suffer the major swings that we see in other more volatile areas.

      Second, Burlington has a better quality of life for raising families.In Boston, many parents endure average commutes of 1 to 2 hours. In Burlington, your average commute will likely be less than 10 minutes. Also, there is a lower crime rate and cleaner air than in larger metro areas.

      Third, travel is easier. Whether by car or plane, it is easier to escape a smaller City like Burlington than a large metro area such as Boston.

      Finally, there are few sights that can rival a sunset in Burlington. Sitting along the shores ofBurlington peering back toward the purple and orange glow above the Adirondack will make you wonder why you ever lived anywhere else.

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