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MLS Listing Only Service

We recognize that some sellers may not require professional assistance and that our full service level is not a good fit for everybody.

To help sellers who do not require our full set of services, we offer an alternative MLS Listing Only service in which we provide a service to help you market your property by entering your property information into Vermont's MLS System.

We charge $375 per listing for a 6 month listing.

Your listing will not only appear in Vermont's MLS, your property will also appear on national websites that utilize the MLS for their content including Realtor.com, Zillow and Trulia.

Your listing will also appear on our website, as well as many of the other Vermont real estate websites that utilize the MLS for content, including Re/Max, Coldwell Banker, Century 21 and others.

Getting your property listed is easy. Simply follow these steps and your property will be listed within a few business days:

1.  Click Here for the listing paperwork.  Complete the paperwork then return to mls@flatfeevt.com.

2. In addition to the listing paperwork we will need your property information.  If your property is a single family home, condominium unit or mobile home unit complete this Data Sheet and return to mls@flatfeevt.com.  If your property is a multi-family building or a piece of land, please email mls@flatfevt.com to request the appropriate data sheet.

3. In addition to the listing paperwork and Data Sheet, we will also need digital pictures of the property.  You can email up to 12 pictures to mls@flatfeevt.com.

4.  Send an email to mls@flatfeevt.com describing the property and its highlights. Note that the description is limited to 1,500 characters.

5. Pay Here by credit card or mail us a check.  Please note that the listing will not be uploaded until payment is received. 

6. If the property contains a residential structure built before 1978, you need to complete This Disclosure.  You then need to read this Lead Paint Literature and will also need to present prospective buyers with the Disclosure, Federal Buyer Lead Paint Literature and this State Buyer Lead Paint Literature.

7. If the property contains a residential rental structure built before 1978, in addition to the documents above, you need to provide a completed version of this State of Vermont Rental Lead Paint Form to prospective buyers. 

NOTE: We have complimentary "For Sale" signs available for sellers who would like a free lawn sign.  Signs are subject to availability and must be picked up in Burlington, Vermont unless otherwise agreed to by Flat Fee Real Estate.

NOTE: All listings must abide by the MLS rules.  Flat Fee reserves the right to make changes to ensure conformance with the MLS rules.

NOTE: There is no guarantee that all photos or information will appear on every national or local real estate broker's website. Each site controls their own content and how they arrange the MLS content on their site.  Flat Fee only controls its own MLS account data. 


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