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Buying During COVID

Buying a House

Buying a home has always been a stressful process. It is one of life's biggest decisions and usually one of the most expensive ones as well. With the arrival of COVID, we have seen an added level of stress from our clients. Our job has always been to help manage our client's stress and to make the transaction much less stressful for them. Well, nothing has changed.  Our job is still to help you navigate the process and to reduce the anxiety and stress related with the home buying process. The only difference is that today we just have to help guide you through a few more obstacles than in the past. 

First know that safety is our primary concern. The State of Vermont Department of Agency and Commerce, along with the Vermont Department of Health, has a set of guidelines for real estate professionals to follow. These guidelines are constantly being updated after new data and science is studied and analyzed by the public health professionals.  We adhere to these guidelines when showing you homes and make sure that other professionals you may encounter during the process, such as home inspectors, do as well.  

Other than precautionary measures, during the showings of homes to you, the buying process has not changed much.  Even before the arrival of Covid, much of the work of real estate professionals was performed remotely.  For years we have utilized online contract and listing agreement platforms to provide more convenience for our clients.  In addition to the remote document platforms, our agents utilize email, texting and other digital communication platforms to communicate with our clients.  Like real estate agents, most real estate attorneys have the ability to represent clients remotely.  While there is some physical interaction in the real estate buying process, most of the process is done from the comfort of your couch or kitchen table.  

With more freedom these days to live where you want, Vermont has become an attractive place for homebuyers.  Vermont's natural beauty and slower pace of life allows people once again to prioritize their lifestyle and at home family life over career decisions.  Moreover, with historically low interest rates, most buyers can afford to buy larger spaces for their growing families or changing work environments.